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ABOUT 6 Figure Cleaning Biz...

We are a full service cleaning industry consulting Service. 


My Name is Michelle Welch aka "The Queen Of Clean"! I made my way into the cleaning industry in 2015. I started my own cleaning business in May of 2017 and we are still going strong. I dominated the residental nieche and moved forward to janitorial, Property management , post construction , Estate Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and restaurant cleaning just to name a few.


I have created proven strategies form foundational stability, growth, employee retention to client retention. I have created a total cleaning industry blue print from building the foundation to brand management.  I also specialize in high productivity and accountability coaching. Understanding the key foundation elements and being productive can yield in 6 figure returns, and I can show you how! 

Having a total understanding of the cleaning industry has allowed me to build income generating cleaning businesses. Take a look at the services "6 Figure Cleaning Biz" offers and invest where you see fit! It's time to start working on your business and stop working in your business! 

Are you ready to productively produce?

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